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Apple Watch now part of UnitedHealthcare Motion rewards program

UnitedHealthcare is encouraging people across the country to improve their health by walking, enabling eligible plan participants to obtain Apple Watch by meeting daily walking goals.

For the first time, Apple Watch will be integrated into UnitedHealthcare Motion, a national digital wellness program that provides eligible plan participants access to activity trackers that can enable them to earn up to $1,000 per year by meeting certain daily walking goals.

Later this year, eligible participants will be able to receive and start using Apple Watch (initially paying only tax and shipping), with the option to apply program earnings toward the full purchase price of the device. Program participants will be able to own—with a zero balance—the watch in as little as six months by meeting daily walking goals. UnitedHealthcare Motion participants who already own Apple Watch will be also able to use it with the program.

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Source: UnitedHealthcare News Article

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