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BCBS Mandatory Broker Training for SEP Process (individual)

This article was updated on 2/17 to reflect a change in the deadlines to affirm training completion. Previously, the deadline was Mon, Feb 15.

BCBS of TX requires all brokers who sell individual policies to complete a mandatory Special Enrollment Period (SEP) process training and affirm completion to qualify for compensation for SEP sales according to the following deadlines:

  • If you affirm by July 1, 2021, you’ll be compensated for off-exchange plans effectuated throughout 2021.
  • If you affirm after July 1, 2021, your affirmation date must be on or after the effective date to be eligible for any off-exchange SEP sale.

For agents who write business under an agency, each subproducer associated with the agency must login to their own Blue Access for Producers account and affirm their training separately. Attempting to affirm completion under an agency account will result in an error. To delegate access to agency subproducers, login to Blue Access for Producers, click the “Password Manager” link at the top, select “New Delegate”, and complete all information.

  1. Open the SEP training presentation and review material.
  2. Login to Blue Access for Producers using your personal 9-digit BCBS producer number and password. Remember, each subproducer of an agency must login separately and affirm.
  3. Select “Producer Services” from top navigation menu. Then select “SEP Training Affirmation.”
  4. Read the affirmation language and select “Submit.” Keep the “Service Request” ticket confirmation number for your records.

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