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BCBS Publishes Detailed Webpage about 2016 Individual Plan Discontinuations

For a detailed outline addressing questions about the transition of individual policyholders from Blue Choice PPO plans to Blue Advantage HMO plans. Visit the page. BCBS provides the following information:

  • How individuals are impacted and what is changing
  • How to search providers and how BCBS will help transition care
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Health plan choices
  • How to shop for coverage
  • How to estimate and obtain premium tax credits

BCBS adds a few reminders.

  • The PPO discontinuance is for individual, retail members only. Group and government products, members and networks are not impacted. The group PPO options remain intact.
  • Individual PPO plan members are being automatically mapped to our new Blue Advantage Plus plan, an HMO with added point-of-service (POS) benefits when a member chooses to use a provider not in the Blue Advantage network. They can change their selection to the Blue Advantage HMO if they don’t want the added POS benefits.
  • Sales and education materials for consumers are available through the Producer Supply Ordering Portal. Included is a comparison of the Blue Advantage HMO and Blue Advantage Plus plans. Many materials are provided in English and Spanish.

Excepts from BCBS News from the Blues for Producers on Nov 13, 2015

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