Batch is the proprietary Kilpatrick Companies platform for generating small group quotes with every major carrier in our market. We drive our quoting platform using our small group quote request workbook in Excel. Batch accesses each carrier’s quoting system, inputs the requisite data, saves and catalogs each quote package, and extracts and stores the rates for each plan quoted. By leveraging the carrier systems, Batch allows us to guarantee the accuracy of each quote as of the date and time of the quote. Batch uses the extracted rate data to build a dynamic illustration package that our service team and your staff to tailor unique illustrations for each client.

Agencies that prefer to generate and manage their own quotes can lease access to the platform outside of general agency operations of Kilpatrick Companies. Batch allows you to manage your clients by storing census information, electronically running carrier quotes based on your elections, and extracting and loading premium numbers into a comparison you design and maintain. The automated system will significantly reduce the hours your staff spends quoting each account and will completely eliminate errors caused by redundancy.

The Batch system maximizes efficiency, is user friendly, and is unparalleled in accuracy. In our internal operations, Batch reduced a 4-6 hour quote and illustration process to a matter of minutes and enabled a cleaner, highly professional client-ready illustration package. The future belongs to the efficient. Batch is a cornerstone of our small group efficiency, allowing our staff more time to focus on product and client strategy.