Enrollment Kits

The table below includes links to enrollment kits for select small group carriers. The kits may not include all required paperwork, particularly contingent items. And, some kits may include documents that are not required for a given group. Be aware of the missing documents specific to your group and coordinate your enrollments with your service team.

BCBSSmall GroupFor 2-50 fully insured01-2019
Dental SelectDentalFully insured small group dental07-2015
EyeMedVisionGroups 10-50009-2016
HumanaSmall GroupFor 2-50 fully insured02-2019
Memorial HermannSmall GroupFor 2-50 ACA fully insured plans01-2019
Memorial HermannSelf-FundedFor 2-50 Hybrid plans01-2019
National GeneralSelf-FundedFor 3-99 lives02-2018
Scott & WhiteSmall GroupFor 2-50 fully insured01-2019
UHCSmall GroupFor 2-50 fully insured07-2018
UHC (All Savers)Self-FundedFor All Savers 5-10012-2018