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Humana Will Provide ACA Forms 1094/95-B for Small Group Level Funded Groups

Beginning with the 2018 tax season, Humana will start automatically filing two essential IRS forms on behalf of our Level Funded Premium (LFP) groups who average fewer than 50 eligible employees during the prior year (including full-time equivalent employees) at no additional cost to employers or employees:

  • 1094-B: Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Returns (filed by employers)
  • 1095-B: Health Coverage (distributed to employees)

Who’s eligible?

All Humana LFP groups who employ no more than 49 employees on average during the prior year (including full-time equivalent employees) are automatically given this service—no action needed.

However, groups with 50 or more full-time employees on average during the prior year (including full-time equivalent employees) are considered Applicable Large Employers (ALE) and are not eligible for this service. Instead, they must file the 1094/1095-C forms.

How is Humana notifying eligible groups?

Beginning this month, Humana is sending letters with the standard financial reports sent to LFP plan sponsors each month to announce this exciting news, as well as provide instructions on how to opt-out of this service if they don’t qualify for it or prefer to complete the filings on their own.

If I prefer to continue filing on my own, how do I opt-out?

Eligible groups who prefer to complete these filing requirements on their own can opt-out of this service by completing this electronic form by November 15.

Content you can share with your employer groups:

This article was derived from a Humana newsletter to employers.

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