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Overview of Telehealth / Virtual Visit Benefits by Carrier

Every major Texas medical carrier will cover telehealth / virtual visit programs. The table provides an overview of the programs and partnerships by carrier portfolio. On all HSA compatible plans except All Savers (UHC), the benefits are subject to deductible and coinsurance and the service fee for most vendors ranges from $40-60 per visit.

CarrierProviderStrategy in Current PortfolioMore Info
All Savers (UHC)HealthiestYou$0 copay on all plans including HSAs. Available to dependents not covered by videos
BCBSMDLivePCP benefit up to $44 fee.resource
marketing video
CignaMDLivePCP benefit up to $45 fee.MDLive resource
HumanaDr on Demand$0 on copay plans or PCP benefit up to $56 fee on HSA plans.flyer
marketing videos
Memorial HermannMH Virtual Clinic
Memorial Hermann Virtual Clinic visits covered at the urgent care benefit level up to $49 fee. Teladoc covered at $0 on copay plans or PCP benefit up to $40 fee on HSA plans.overview
MH Virtual Clinic
Teladoc flyer
National GeneralTeladocOptional. $0 on copay plans or PCP benefit up to $40 fee on HSA planflyer
Dr on Demand
$0 on all copay plans. PCP benefit on HSA plans. Accessed via Health4Me or directly.brochures
Health4Me videos
virtual visit video
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