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Small Group Quoting for 12/1!

Kilpatrick Companies is quoting 12/1 rates within our illustration package with all of our medical carriers who offer plans to small groups. Send us your 12/1 quote requests today and get an early start on managing your book. Roughly 40% of the market renews in December. Our volume, along with our carriers’ volumes, are notably high already. We are implementing certain procedures to streamline our workflow and minimize slowdowns. Please help us to expedite our work for you with the following helpful guidelines:

  • Use our census template for small group. If you send us a census in any other format, we have to transfer it into this template to drive our quoting system. Use our census to remove that step.
  • Review the census before sending to us to ensure that it is complete and accurate. E.g.: Lists all full-time employees and continuees. Contains all dates of birth, coverage tiers, zips, etc.
  • Include a copy of the full renewal package in original format.
  • Be aware of the group’s real size and its proper market segment. Even if a group only has a handful of full-time employees, they could be considered a large group if they employed an average of more than 50 total employees (includes part-time, seasonal, temporary, etc) last year. The large group quoting requirements and processes are completely different. E.g.: restaurants, retailers, hospitality, staffing, etc.
  • If interested in self-funding, request the HB2015 claim reports immediately.
  • If BCBS is the incumbent, pay attention to BCBS’s deadlines. The deadline for 12/1 renewals is Oct 1. These are not negotiable.
  • If requesting ancillary quotes, give us instructions about plan designs and provide current plan information, renewal rates, and pertinent census information. For disability, you can add columns for salaries and occupations to the census template or use the “nonaca” census sheet.

BCBS and Humana have not yet made 12/1 quoting available. BCBS adjusts their rates on a quarterly basis. The rates are the same for Oct, Nov, and Dec. Humana adjusts their rates on a monthly basis. In our illustration of Humana rates, we use estimated rates we derived from their monthly rate adjustment methodologies. We do not anticipate formal quoting capabilities from Humana until next month (Sep 15 at latest). Until that time, the rates we illustrate for Humana are estimates only. They are not official. The table below provides a breakdown of quoting availability for 12/1 for each carrier and how we are handling them.

Small Group Fully Insured

Aetna Adjusts rates quarterly.
BCBS Adjusts rated quarterly. No official quote package as of 8/26. Illustrated rates are precise.
Humana Adjusts rates monthly. No official quote package until 9/15 (at latest). Illustrated rates are estimated.
Memorial Hermann Adjusts rates monthly, but no adjustments for Q4.
UHC Adjusts rates quarterly.

Small Group Self-Funded (Alternative Funding)

Aetna Cannot process online. We manage external process.
All Savers
Cigna Cannot process online. We manage external process.
Humana Not officially available until 9/15 (at latest). Humana will quote 11/1 and adjust rates manually.
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