Large Group Medical

A large group is an employer who employed 51 or more average total number of employees (ATNE) in the calendar year preceding the effective date of the medical policy.

Our Services

Our large group service team is responsible for all aspects of quoting, underwriting, installing, servicing, and renewing groups that fall under the state definition of a large employer in Texas. We provide turnkey services to agents in this segment and our work is very detailed. Whereas small group is a science, large group is an art, an art our large group team has mastered.

We use a very detailed process for negotiating carrier underwriting during the quoting process. We require a complete and thorough census including all full time employees and COBRA participants, complete and continuous claim data pursuant to HB2015 (if previously fully insured), detailed client data like industry, waiting period, contributions, prior carrier history, and employer gatekeeper. We process the data we collect to problem solve any potential issues like insufficient participation and to build a unique narrative that we use during the underwriting process. Negotiation is a critical aspect of marketing large groups. Our experience and deep carrier relationships allow us to get the best look from each carrier with each quote.

Our service team compiles each quote into a custom illustration package, coordinates the sales strategy with you, and supports your communication efforts with the client. We stay highly engaged during the enrollment and installation processes. We can help build custom enrollment materials and custom, targeted enrollment forms to collect data for all carriers and product lines on one form. We submit most installations on a spreadsheet to hasten the turnaround times and ensure greater accuracy. Our service team remains engaged during the plan year to support your ongoing client service and during the renewal period.

Healthcare reform has created a challenging marketplace, which can be overwhelming. We will answer your questions regarding the changes and timing of changes for the large group market segment. We are an excellent resource that is proven to dramatically reduce your administrative time.

Our Markets

The table below provides an overview of our large group general agent agreements. Outside the scope of our formal agreements, we work with these markets and other TPAs and stop loss carriers under single case agreements.

Carrier Fully Insured Self-Funded Comments
BlueCross BlueShield Formal GA contract up to 100 lives.
Cigna Formal GA contract up to 249 lives. Self-funded available at 25+ enrolled.
Humana Formal GA contract up to 299 lives.
Memorial Hermann Formal GA contract for fully insured. Single case agreement for self-funded.
National General Formal GA contract up to 99 lives. Formerly Assurant.
Scott & White Formal GA contract up to 99 lives.
UnitedHealthcare Formal GA contract up to 100 lives.