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UHC Recent Product and Case Submission Updates

UHC announced a few updates to their small group case submission requirements and enhancements to their All Savers alternative funding program.

All Savers Updates:

  • Added 34 traditional plan designs to portfolio beginning with Aug 1 effective dates. 17 EPO and 17 PPO. 6 HSA plans
  • 12 plans include the integrated Motion wellness activity program
  • New plans will be offered on a single option basis for now, but UHC will soon allow all options under their Multichoice strategy. Multichoice allows employees to offer an unlimited number of plans to employees without restriction.

Small Group Case Submission Changes:

  • The prior carrier bill is no longer required to install new group medical policies. Prior carrier bills will be required, however, to install ancillary lines of coverage
  • Groups seeking to cover 1099s are only required to have one employee/owner. The one employee/owner can waive coverage.
  • For 1099 workers who have worked 12+ months, the IRS Form 1099 will be required for each. If the Form 1099 has not yet been issued to a worker, the UHC 1099 supplemental form will be required.
  • In order for a partnership to be eligible as a small group, they must employee at least one W2 full-time, non-owner employee.
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